SPAD: Stern action against operators
who don’t fix GPS device on express buses
One of Konsortium E-Mutiara express bus
PASIR PUTEH: All express bus operators must ensure their buses are fixed with the Global Positioning System (GPS) device in an effort to ensure safe driving.

East Region Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chief, Mohd Tamizi Shafiin said although many buses had been fixed with the GPS device since the ruling was imposed in 2013, it was believed that there were still some which did not have it.

“It is compulsory for them to install the GPS device. If they do not, it will affect the renewal of the bus permits,” he told reporters after closing the course on Excellent Work Culture organised by Konsortium E-Mutiara Berhad, here, today.

Mohd Tamizi said about 200 express buses were operating in the East Coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang on several major routes each day.

“Their operations must be monitored, including the aspects of safe driving, speed, service, and that they do not deviate from the set routes. All these are to ensure passenger safety,” he said.

Meanwhile, Konsortium E-Mutiara chief executive, Che Ibrahim Che Ismail said the company was giving special incentives to its 242 employees who provided excellent service such as through safe driving.

“At the end of this year, we plan to send 10 staff to perform the umrah, with all expenses paid by the company,” he said.

source: Bernama
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