Introducing the
Oncore Marine

Through the Oncore Marine application, users will be able to:

  • Track and view barges on the map on near real time basis
    Users will be able to identify fleet activity on map at every interval data is received. Barges’ activities can be seen for duration of 24 hours for a certain selected date. This also includes real time monitoring of changes recorded by the draft sensor.
  • Geofencing
    Geofencing is when certain areas are bounded within an invisible boundary. It can be done for specific areas or zones.
Information is made available to users by utilizing the Oncore Marine Software

A variety of reports are generated and viewed through the Oncore software. These reports can be printed or downloaded for analysis purposes. The downloaded reports will be in Excel format to ease manipulation and analysis on user’s side. All the reports are able to be viewed based on selected dates or periods e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Ensure Your Assets Are Performing The Jobs They Set Out To Do.

Any mishaps on the job can take its toll on the business and its operational costs.

Providers of these services need the assistance for marine and waterway tasks that require precise positioning and monitoring or tracking of any number of support vessels and report their dump status.

What Is Oncore Marine?

Oncore Marine is a digital communication and tracking service that uses GPS, telecommunication and geo-spatial system technologies that is able to track location accurately in near real-time monitoring and data acquisition. It makes the monitoring of dredging and dumping jobs much easier and professionally done.

What Can Oncore Marine Do?

Oncore Marine offers cost savings to users from a more efficient management, increased operational safety and performance of their fleet. As such, job completion is smoothed, assets are protected and customer service is enhanced. These are attributed to the benefits of ondemand access to time and location-sensitive data.

What Can I Get From Oncore Marine?

Oncore Marine enables users to assess accurate information anytime and anywhere they need it by a click of a mouse. It is a service that is both comprehensive and flexible without breaking your pockets.

Oncore Marine helps in improving your customer relationships with the improved visibility in decision making for dispatch and operations.

What Is Inside The Oncore Fleet Software?

Users will be able to obtain information through a special username and password by utilizing the Oncore Marine software. It provides you with real time information and alerts, historical tracking and administrative tools.

The software enables you to download reports and graphs such as reports on dumping jobs, illegal dredging and dumping, zone in and out, load, barge maintenance and draft sensor and depth chart view. It also provide users with charts and graphs that enable them to analyze their fleet’s job performance.

What Is Inside The Oncore Marine Hardware?

Oncore Marine is a 100% Malaysian Sirim certified product. The hardware functions consist of draft sensors and real-time alerts on violations (illegal dumps) and geofencing.

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