Introducing the
Oncore Fleet

Variety of map provider that suits your need

You can choose different type of maps provider such as Google Maps, OVI Maps, Bing Maps, ArcGIS Maps. You can also use different type of maps layout provided by the map provider
Information is made available to users by utilizing the Oncore Fleet Software

You can choose many features such as Real Time Information, Historical Tracking, Real Time Alerts, Administrative Tools, and Download Report and Graphs through the Oncore Fleet Software.
Oncore Fleet Is Also An Economical, Affordable And Technologically Advanced GPS Tracking Device And Web Based Software.

It gives you in-depth information such as where your vehicles go, where they stop and the speed they are driven. The real-time vehicle tracking device gives you detailed information needed for fleet tracking.

Oncore Fleet meets the Industrial Code of Practice (ICOP) as regulated by Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD).

Information is readily integrated to APAD’s GPS Gateway, Northport/Westport platform and Johor Port Monitoring system among others.

What Is Oncore Fleet?

Oncore Fleet is a digital communication and tracking service that uses GPS, telecommunication and geo-spatial system technologies to accurately track location information in real-time.

This tracking solution provides reliable, cost effective fleet monitoring and management with an easy-to-use web-based management application that ensures constant, on-demand access to your fleet information at any time, from any place

What Can Oncore Fleet Do?

OnCore Fleet assists users to save costs as a result of efficient management, improved customer service and increased operational safety and security. It increases visibility through real-time access to your fleet and as such, provide a safer environment for your staff and assets

What Can You Get From Oncore Fleet?

With Oncore Fleet, you can access accurate information anytime and anywhere you need it by a click of a mouse. You can get in touch with your drivers even though you may be in another location. You can even re-route your drivers to save fuel and time by minimizing idle time and total mileage while getting the same amount of work done.

What Is Inside The Oncore Fleet Software?

Users shall be provided with a unique username and password to log into the application. Asset monitoring can be done in two ways by either through the Oncore Fleet Desktop or the Oncore Fleet Web. Oncore Fleet gives you real time information and alerts, historical tracking, download reports and graphs and administrative tools.

It can also perform analysis based on data received on how your vehicles are performing. You can also print out graphs and charts which summarize the data and analysis for easy interpretation and reading.

What Is Inside The Oncore Fleet Hardware?

Oncore Fleet’s GPS Module is a wireless information system which forms the core of a total system solution for end users and system developers. It is also a SIRIM certified 100% Malaysian design with fuel sensor, immobilizer, Driver ID, door sensor and trailer tracking. Aside from these, we can also provide other customizable inputs to suit your business requirements.

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