Introducing the
Oncore Video Recorder

The More the better

With the OVR, users can now install up to eight (8) in-vehicle cameras on board their vehicles to view or download live footages of their vehicles on the move online via PC or phone.
Secure and Reliable

Wired directly to vehicle power, the OVR cannot be switched on or off making it difficult to tamper. Its DVR unit is placed obscurely with only its cameras visible. Recordings can be saved either in SD card, SSD or hard disk method.
Easy To Access

Viewing videos or recordings is easy with three different types of platforms – client-based software, web-based software and smart phone app.
for you

Coupled with the Oncore Fleet, users can now get fuller picture of vehicles movements, driver behaviors and traffic conditions.
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General questions

How is the OVR installed?

The OVR which comprises of a DVR unit and several cameras (minimum 1 camera, maximum 8 cameras) is installed on board vehicle. Cameras are mounted inside or outside the vehicle using drilling method to ensure it withstands strong vibrations. Users are encouraged to advise the location and angle of the cameras to ensure viewing of video is beneficial. Power supply is tapped from vehicle battery thus, it cannot be switched on or off using manual switch.

How does the OVR work?

Once the hardware is installed, users can access video recordings via download of memory storage. If users opt to subscribe to 3G SIM card, videos can be streamed online by keying-in a unique username and password on client-based / web-based software / smartphone app.

What is the transmission rate?

As video files contain both audio and visual information, its files are HUGE. Imagine downloading a movie file, which is similar. With this in consideration, video files are not automatically streamed. Instead, user would have to call to device to view the videos. Best practice would be to wait for the vehicles to arrive back at its parking yard and download either via USB or WiFi. Charges differ for usage of 3G SIM card as opposed to having an internal storage in DVR.

What if I don’t use a SIM card?

Information is stored in the OVR depending on the storage method user chooses. Once the memory is full, recordings will be over written. However, the OVR will store Alarm files which cannot be over written until it is downloaded by the user.

What differs OVR from a dashcam?

OVR is different in several sense:

  1. Does not operate by using the cigar charger, but wired direct to vehicle battery
  2. Vibration proof that can withstand rugged usage especially for bigger vehicles used commercially
  3. Difficult to dismantle ensuring data is not modified or easily tampered
  4. Flexible customization as accessories such as driver ID, fingerprint identification, etc can be added on.

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